Gra Fior Gypsy Cobs


Hall of Fame

Not all our horses can stay with us forever.
Saying goodbye is sometimes part of life.

In loving memory ~ Tinkerbell Snorremans van Germania

Alexandra's first Irish Cob mare.
She was the inspiration for the logo of  Grá Fíor Gypsy Cobs!

She died on 22/09/2013. A though but just decision at the end of 12 wonderful years together.

Tinkerbell has given us many fantastic foals of exceptional quality. She left us her last filly foal to maintain her blood line.
It is the first foal to carry the stable name Grá Fior and we are very proud of Grá Fior Rheanna.

Fortune's Pride

Fortune's Pride has been our approved breeding stallion at stud until 2015.

We bought him as a promising yearling colt, having some of the best bloodlines! He has matured into a high quality stallion, well built and with lots of feather and a great temperament!

We sold Pride to the Netherlands, where he will be main stud stallion.

Coolfox Queen

Queen is almost perfect as a mare!

Built like a tank, with heavy boned legs, but still elegant with a pretty little head and above all a wonderful kind character!
Mares like this one don't come often! It's a rare thing to see this type and body on a young mare!

We bought her in Ireland in 2014 but resold her to a breeder in France, who is as much in love with her as we are!

In loving memory ~ Yentl van de Prins Karelpolder

Rik's favourite mare.

A magnificent horse with a heart of gold!
Always willing to please.

Unfortunately we had to put her down on 28/12/2015 after having shared 13 years of our lives with her.

She was a very special Irish Cob mare and of course immediately catched the eye with her unusual pattern with a nearly all white body, but a striking black head and a black tail.

Grá Fíor Xena

Filly out of our mare Angel, born in 2015.

The moment she was born, we had just sold her sire, Fortune's Pride to Denmark and so we thought it was opportune to keep this filly as a future brood mare and successor to her dam. 

Due to lack of time and family reasons, we sold her as a yearling.

Grá Fíor Rheanna

Tinkerbell's last filly.

She was born at our stud in 2013 and raised till the age of 4 years old. We had to sell her on, because our lack of time limited her possibilities of development.

She matured into an amazing, heavy type, mare, with hair to spare. Built as a tank! 

I totally adore this mare!

Sold in 2017.